Monday, August 3, 2009

body check~!

31st of July, i am asking myself a serious question, since when i stop doing body checkup? after i bought my 1st wife(Latio)? or my 2nd wife (Touch Pro)? every month spending all of my money just to paying dept. People who surrounding me always though i am rich.. but i just keep on telling them.. i am just like a coconut, i got hard skin, heavy weight, but once you open it... just water inside.. (at least woman/girl will feel thirsty when they saw me)

My last result was:- everything is good... except the uric acid , doctor said i eating too much peanuts ... (not drinking oh~!) if not stopping that, i will suffering in future. But~! although i stop eating peanut butter quite a long time, i still suffering pain because i was injured my leg since my secondary school and accidentally twisted it again last year... Doctor said i will become a good weather reporter in future (leg will feel pain when rainy day)

I woke up 8 o'clock in the morning, went to the clinic after brushed my teeth, i was hungry like a mad rabbit (rabbit is a creature that just keep on eating eating and eating...) because i have to empty my stomach before the checkup (if not there will be a lot of shit inside your stomach)...when i arrived the clinic, there was already 15 peoples queue up before me... GOD~!! are you kidding with me?? each person 5 minutes.. i still have to wait more than 1 hours..

After 50 minutes waiting at the reception there, i heard my name was called by a lovely voice...(surprisingly they let me jump queue because some of them was out for breakfast), i slowly walk into that room, the doctor was smiling to me and the 1st question he ask me is :"today is a nice weather huh~!" :P

my blood pressure is good, liver and kidney is just nice, everything seem ok, just need to wait for the blood test result. it need 2 more days for the lap report. after 12 hours of empty stomach, i call my buddies come out immediately for the breakfast... 3 of us finished 2 "lo mai kai" and a bunch of "dim sum".. what a wonderful body checking trip...

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