Monday, August 3, 2009

body check~!

31st of July, i am asking myself a serious question, since when i stop doing body checkup? after i bought my 1st wife(Latio)? or my 2nd wife (Touch Pro)? every month spending all of my money just to paying dept. People who surrounding me always though i am rich.. but i just keep on telling them.. i am just like a coconut, i got hard skin, heavy weight, but once you open it... just water inside.. (at least woman/girl will feel thirsty when they saw me)

My last result was:- everything is good... except the uric acid , doctor said i eating too much peanuts ... (not drinking oh~!) if not stopping that, i will suffering in future. But~! although i stop eating peanut butter quite a long time, i still suffering pain because i was injured my leg since my secondary school and accidentally twisted it again last year... Doctor said i will become a good weather reporter in future (leg will feel pain when rainy day)

I woke up 8 o'clock in the morning, went to the clinic after brushed my teeth, i was hungry like a mad rabbit (rabbit is a creature that just keep on eating eating and eating...) because i have to empty my stomach before the checkup (if not there will be a lot of shit inside your stomach)...when i arrived the clinic, there was already 15 peoples queue up before me... GOD~!! are you kidding with me?? each person 5 minutes.. i still have to wait more than 1 hours..

After 50 minutes waiting at the reception there, i heard my name was called by a lovely voice...(surprisingly they let me jump queue because some of them was out for breakfast), i slowly walk into that room, the doctor was smiling to me and the 1st question he ask me is :"today is a nice weather huh~!" :P

my blood pressure is good, liver and kidney is just nice, everything seem ok, just need to wait for the blood test result. it need 2 more days for the lap report. after 12 hours of empty stomach, i call my buddies come out immediately for the breakfast... 3 of us finished 2 "lo mai kai" and a bunch of "dim sum".. what a wonderful body checking trip...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The shaking fur in my room

Rainy night always is a well sleeping night for everyone, but it always is nightmare for me... after 2 pin of Guinness Draft, i thought i will have a sweet sweet dream last night. early in the morning (or should i say midnight?) about 4 o'clock last night, it rains cats and dogs... sound of the raindrops covering everything. just like a song deep inside my heart...

when i was enjoying the atmosphere, "She" start knocking my door... is not like a normal knocking. is just like something scratching my door outside... intermittently , indiscriminate, annoying and disturbing... i trying to ignore it, but the noise just like something deep inside my heart. i realize that is a signal of SOS, SOS from a member of my family. we never teach her do like that, she learn it herself.

i wake up, i open the door, and i investigate............. there is a shacking fur just lying outside my room... yes, is her again~! our lovely princess - MIKO~!!! after letting her come inside, i spend my time with her until 5o'clock only fall back to sleep...

sigh, what a rainy night.... luckily i still manage to wake up this morning....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knew me/ new me?

Is already been 2 years didn't renew my blog, just because of 2 Zs and 1 M. Lazy, Busy and a bad memories. i think some of you had read through my old blog before, for those who never read that, i am here to say :"Nice to meet you"

I am use to write my blog in chinese word, maybe because that is my prefer language. But in future, i might writing my blog with either Chinese or English. not Malay yet, because i just get "C" for Malay in my SPM. :P

I remember the 1st blog i written is in fxixndsxxr, and that is all about nonsense. My family, my car, my pet, my job, my house, my customer...etc. And today, i am going to continue those nonsense topic again. (sure, i will add in some new elements)
Tonight, one of my best friend bring me to a blogger gathering. I met a lot of people there, most of them are famous blogger, Although I don't know them at all, i am still happy to spend time and share experiences with them. (Sorry to say here, i only remember few of them after the gathering. :P please forgive me. or you can punish me for next gathering.)
The gathering is held in a club at Solaris Mont' Kiara there. Not big, but it has what you want for clubbing. (specially for those who don't want to travel long distance to KL) Been through some performances, foods and drinks serving, I realize that the club don't have a good theme, (can i say theme here?) i didn't see any special point of view that can be really catching the customer interest. maybe today is just the introduction, there is still a lot of rooms to improve.

Ok, I am not going to write a lot comment on the club because this topic is about a new me, not the club. maybe next time i will specially open a topic about the club... :) thanks for everyone who spend time with me tonight and have a sweet sweet dream.

Good Night~!