Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knew me/ new me?

Is already been 2 years didn't renew my blog, just because of 2 Zs and 1 M. Lazy, Busy and a bad memories. i think some of you had read through my old blog before, for those who never read that, i am here to say :"Nice to meet you"

I am use to write my blog in chinese word, maybe because that is my prefer language. But in future, i might writing my blog with either Chinese or English. not Malay yet, because i just get "C" for Malay in my SPM. :P

I remember the 1st blog i written is in fxixndsxxr, and that is all about nonsense. My family, my car, my pet, my job, my house, my customer...etc. And today, i am going to continue those nonsense topic again. (sure, i will add in some new elements)
Tonight, one of my best friend bring me to a blogger gathering. I met a lot of people there, most of them are famous blogger, Although I don't know them at all, i am still happy to spend time and share experiences with them. (Sorry to say here, i only remember few of them after the gathering. :P please forgive me. or you can punish me for next gathering.)
The gathering is held in a club at Solaris Mont' Kiara there. Not big, but it has what you want for clubbing. (specially for those who don't want to travel long distance to KL) Been through some performances, foods and drinks serving, I realize that the club don't have a good theme, (can i say theme here?) i didn't see any special point of view that can be really catching the customer interest. maybe today is just the introduction, there is still a lot of rooms to improve.

Ok, I am not going to write a lot comment on the club because this topic is about a new me, not the club. maybe next time i will specially open a topic about the club... :) thanks for everyone who spend time with me tonight and have a sweet sweet dream.

Good Night~!

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